Saturday, October 1, 2011

Getting Attached and Separation Anxiety

I am a self proclaimed borderline hoarder.  Well, minus the flat dead cats, rotting year old pumpkins and garbage.  With this being true it makes my new interest of restyling furniture kind of interesting.  I now get to justify the things that I buy and the things I won't get rid of because I'm going to "re-do" them and "sell" them.  (I use the word "sell" very loosely because when I finish something and it turns out really cute I have a hard time parting with it and taking it to my antique booth.)  I also have been collecting so very many pieces of furniture, antiques, primitives, etc.  Most recently it was this chair that I really wanted to keep.
I did, grudgingly, load it in my  Jeep and bring it over to my booth.  It hasn't sold yet, though, hmmm..............

I do feel that I am getting a little better at giving things up.  I am finding that there is always another one right around the corner.  

Here is a photo of some cute little nightstands I just finished and brought over to my booth on friday.  These were a bit hard to part with as well.  
Good night for now!  



Anonymous said...

I am exactly the same!!! I have such a hard time selling what I buy for my space! I have to keep telling myself, "If I don't sell it I won't make any money"! But it doesn't seem to help. :)
I love the chair that you did, it's beautiful!!
Hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

Tattered & Timeless said...

It gets easier. You'll be selling the kitchen table if you don't watch out. I always sell something - wishing I hadn't until the next find then I forget the other one. It is a vicious- fun cycle.