Monday, October 17, 2011

$30 Craigslist Find

So I just can't wait to share my awesome $30 Craigslist find with you.  
There is a chip on the side of one of the drawers but you don't really notice it, besides, it adds character.  I like things imperfect I feel it adds some charm to a piece.  Other than the chip, the finish was fairly good so all I had to do was rub it down with some Howard's Restore A Finish to bring back the richness in the wood.  Here's a little bit closer photo that shows the detail on the bottom a little better.
It took me a long time to score a find like this one on Craigslist but I think that this time I hit a home run.  :)


Thursday, October 6, 2011

From Oh No! to Ooh La La!

I found this ratty, ugly chair on Craigslist.  The seat cushions and wood were so filthy I could hardly stand to touch it!  This was actually my very first purchase on craigslist and it almost made me think twice about ever buying anything else on there.

That's right, I was thinking, "I've made a huge mistake"!  But, figuring I didn't have anything to lose, I tore it all apart, scrubbed it down with some TSP cleaner and set out to spiff her up.  

I used two coats of Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint in Old White, distressed and waxed with clear wax and just a touch of dark wax.  I used a tightly woven fine burlap and a dark brown trim.  The Paris pillow I made using an iron on transfer I purchased from Graphique on Etsy and the faux grain sack pillow was made using a stencil I purchased from Maison De Stencils.    This was one piece I didn't want to sell.  But then again, I do say that about most of them.  :)

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Thank you for reading!  You all have a lovely weekend!


Twice Owned Party

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Getting Attached and Separation Anxiety

I am a self proclaimed borderline hoarder.  Well, minus the flat dead cats, rotting year old pumpkins and garbage.  With this being true it makes my new interest of restyling furniture kind of interesting.  I now get to justify the things that I buy and the things I won't get rid of because I'm going to "re-do" them and "sell" them.  (I use the word "sell" very loosely because when I finish something and it turns out really cute I have a hard time parting with it and taking it to my antique booth.)  I also have been collecting so very many pieces of furniture, antiques, primitives, etc.  Most recently it was this chair that I really wanted to keep.
I did, grudgingly, load it in my  Jeep and bring it over to my booth.  It hasn't sold yet, though, hmmm..............

I do feel that I am getting a little better at giving things up.  I am finding that there is always another one right around the corner.  

Here is a photo of some cute little nightstands I just finished and brought over to my booth on friday.  These were a bit hard to part with as well.  
Good night for now!  


Saturday, September 17, 2011

First Month Down....

I have successfully completed my first month with my new booth at the Moorhead Antique Mall!  I'm not going to quit my day job just yet but I did sell four items.  I'm starting to feel more confident and I'm getting it more filled up slowly but surely.  Yesterday I brought in several new things and hung my pegboard which I had covered in antique book pages with mod podge.  A little idea inspired by the very talented Tammy from Tattered and Timeless.   I feel that it is finally coming together how I somewhat envisioned it and that makes me happy.  Here are a few photos I took after I had it all set up yesterday.

That's all for now.  Enjoy your weekend!


Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Chair, Silver Chalkboard and Grain Sack Pillow

I had so many plans for my day when I woke up this morning.  I had planned on finishing my pegboard that I covered in book pages and mod podge for my antique booth, install it in my booth and bring over new merchandise for the weekend crowds, go junking, lunch at the new burger place down the street and some painting.  

I got none of this done today.  I got up, started cleaning house and felt so tired and worn down from my cold that I just had to go to bed.  I did manage to clean up my front entry and took some photos of my latest chair redo with a faux grain sack pillow I made out of drop cloth fabric.  I also got a shot of a vintage silver teapot that is going to my booth and a silver platter that I restyled into a chalkboard.

Good night and enjoy the rest of the weekend!


Friday, September 9, 2011

Show and Tell

It's funny, when I was a child I would get so excited for show and tell and make sure I had the perfect item to bring, however, when it was time and the teacher asked, "Who has something for show and tell?", I would never raise my hand.  I got cold feet.

I kind of feel the same way when it comes to posting photos of my work on Facebook or on my blogs.  Because of this, I tend to put off posting and go for months sometimes with no posts.  

I am going to be more fearless.  I love to get the feedback and validation that my stuff is "good enough".  So here are some photos of recent work.

Comments are much appreciated and enjoyed!  Have a great weekend!


Thursday, September 8, 2011


Hello and welcome to my new blog where I will be sharing my photos and stories of my furniture redesign and cottage inspired pieces and designs.  I have always enjoyed decorating my own home, making art or sewing items for my home.  Most recently I have been following the blogs of so many creative ladies in blogland and they have inspired me to start painting and restyling furniture.  I will talk much about these talented ladies in upcoming posts.  I found my love for furniture restyling so great that I rented a booth in my local antique mall, the Moorhead Antique Mall. It is here I get to show off my wares and hopefully get a few sales in the process.  I am selling painted and refinished furniture, upholstered furniture, creative home decorative items and more.